Easy BackSplash Makeover Using Smart Tiles

You see we bought our new travel trailer a couple of years ago. I love this thing! Especially after all the years the six of us and the dog crammed ourselves into a much smaller camper for all the past 15 or so years. When we found this camper we loved it. It was the perfect one for our family. But as with anything that sits outside year after year you start to have a few minor issues.

Smart Tiles

Here was our issue. It started at the end of last summer. These tiny bumps appeared out of nowhere on the back splash in the kitchen area. We had no idea what it was as there was no spot anywhere else in the whole camper. But it never got any worse so we decided to just watch it, as we could not find the cause. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I was making over my sisters backsplash at her Condo.

So I got to work. Pulling off the old border was a piece of cake. Its wasn’t like normal wallpaper but a giant sticker. It peeled right off;
but when it got to the spot with the bumps..It ripped the wallpaper right off the back wall board. Now we would finally know! Come to find out it was a small spot of water damage. We have had a very wet…very snowy winter and spring. Hubby got on top of the camper to see a small piece of caulk was missing exactly right over where this water damage was sitting. Continue reading…