It’s All About The Brick Effect!

Brick TilesInspired by the antique, renovated loft and historic penthouse apartments of London, Liverpool, Manchester and New York, original brick walls are all about glitz and glamor with a slight touch of grandeur that makes every interior feel traditionally dramatic and influential. The artful texture and crafty shading give a considerably realistic brick-tiling effect that is reminiscent of the time-honoured ceramic brick tiles in the London Underground.

How many of us haven’t let out a sigh at the splendid texture of a vividly finished brick wall, and its rough and sophisticated appeal. Could it be the cultured Neo-Gothic churches? Could it be the peculiar architectural allure of the Victorian age, during which even the factories had this romantic appeal in red or brown brick that ages so well to this day? And, even though not all of us have lived in a house of bricks, building a brick wall as a fashionable partition or giving an otherwise ordinary wall an archaic brick look is becoming easier with the passage of time and the help of technology.

But why should one get into the hassle of building a wall or a floor with brick effect tiles? Because apart from looking phenomenal, it is heavily loaded with meaning, whether it is left alone or in combination with wood, glass, or white paint. It gives a contemporary look to an ancient trade. We are compelled to brush our fingers on it. It reminds us of artistry, handiwork, history… Its texture inspires certainty, monumentality and originality. It is simply ornamental and sometimes exudes more than a avant garde work of art.

The dry brick effect tiles have undeniably stood the test of time, being one of the most popular choices for bathrooms, feature walls, and living rooms. So, there’s no denying that brick-effect tiles have become all the rage for modern homes. They can be used indoors or outdoors, on the floor or on a wall. Nothing beats giving your kitchen walls a perfectly traditional touch with these brick effect wall tiles. They come in wide-ranging varieties and finishes including gloss, matt or metallic glazes. Opt for classic bevel in bright color for a simple but stunning look. They will delight your eyes for many years to come. Tiles with their natural stone appearance and color of a brick are considered an affordable luxury.

These beautifully aged brick tiles are manufactured from originally reclaimed bricks to give them a striking brick effect with genuine maturity and acquired natural character over the years. Incorporating the brick tiles is the only way of achieving the real look and feel of an authentic brick wall. Contrary to other tiles, these are manufactured in a factory and do not wear out with time. Even better is that no two tiles are ever the same. This distinctiveness ensures that your interior is precisely unique and absolutely genuine with immense warmth, character and a wonderfully rustic feel.

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